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Sewer Cleaning

Hassle-free sewer cleaning services in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Is the water in your kitchen sink taking a long time to drain out? A clogged sewer is likely to be the reason for that. Call North Country Excavation, Inc immediately to get it unclogged. We provide complete sewer cleaning services.

You can contact us for both residential and commercial sewer cleaning. Get a

FREE local estimate on any of our sewer cleaning services before you hire us.

Effective sewer cleaning methods used

When you hire us to clean the sewer system on your property, we'll first inspect it thoroughly using our camera. Once we figure out what the problem is, we'll recommend an appropriate procedure to clean it.


We can employ the traditional methods of using an auger or sewer rodding to dislodge clogs in the sewer. The other quicker option we can employ is precise water jetting, wherein jets of water are used to clear out the sewer.

Call us to clean out your property's sewers using sewer rodding or water jetting methods.


Sewer Cleaning